Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter

Model: FC02
Place of Origin: China
Material: stainless steel 304
Usage: Restaurant.Home.Coffee

1. ECO-FRIENDLY & ECONOMICAL: This small pour-over drip coffee system should have a permanent place in your kitchen. Use it to brew your morning single-serve cup of coffee as a simple way to reduce waste. Industrial paper round coffee filters usually end up in landfills, but with this refillable pour-over filtration device, every cup of gourmet coffee will be a little bit better for the environment.

2. MESS FREE & EASY TO CLEAN: This cone-shaped coffee strainer is a great addition to any coffee bar, kitchen, or office. Each filter includes a free 1 oz. measuring scoop. This filter tool is easy to clean and, with proper care, can last a lifetime. We use a high-quality stainless steel mesh material that holds up well to repeated coffee brewing. Add this amazing product to your coffee kit today!

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